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The Barrow-Wilson House, LLC

701 North Main Street

Louisburg, NC 27549

(919) 340-2556 phone

(919) 340-2557 fax

Welcome to the Barrow-Wilson House Bed & Breakfast!

Announcements:  This B&B being sold.



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Watercolor by Billy Farmer


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Room Pictures (click to see bigger images)
Pinewood Bedroom

1st floor, two singles

Cedarwood Bedroom

1st floor queen bed

photos being updated
Dogwood Bedroom

2nd floor, four-post queen bed

  artfireplace.jpg (51160 bytes) photos being updated

Magnolia Bedroom

2nd floor, king bed

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Reading Nook

2nd floor

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Dining Room

1st floor

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Powder Room

2nd floor

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